Thursday, May 09, 2013

Give me the solution for this Hard-disk Problem.

I am using Windows Xp service Pack 2.Due to some problem I have tried to Format the System. When I tried to Format my system using Xp service Pack 2 , I got Partition  window and I Formatted my C drive and then continue my process, After that selection for OS I got an error Something like “Hard Disk May crash or Check out Power Cable”. I check out my power cable, it’s well. Then restart the machine same problem continues. So that gets into an idea of Backtrack Linux. I have made it live and Boot via USB. Work’s Fine. In terminal window I am trying Hard Disk via fdisk command and disktype command it shows error something like “disktype: data read failed at position 0”,” unable to read /dev/sda”.

Is it any chance to make it work via Backtrack or some other way ? 

If possible post you command here or mail ( me the procedure document.


  1. I think this is a HDD sector failure. This problem only can solve who manufacturer that product.So, apply warranty else change HDD.

  2. If it were my problem drive in this situation, I would start with simply connecting the drive to an external interface like a write-blocker and try to open the physical disk in WinHex. If that succeeds, you have a chance to then open one of the partitions and recover files, if that is your goal. There are several other software tools to do sector recovery out there as well. If data recovery is not your goal, than a drive that let me down like this would be discarded forever and replaced, and move on. If recovery is critical, there is some hope. Scanning a drive may find a sector that stops further physical or logical progress. In that case, one needs to map that sector as inaccessible (in software tool) and "jump" over it to continue. That sector is lost forever, but other data may be recovered. My impression is your drive needs replacement and any data you want from it recovered using file carving process. Drives are inexpensive.

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